Samovar, the luxurious rug and antique boutique with star brands like Rug Star by Jürgen Dahlmanns and Atelier Renaissance by furniture artist Randa Fansa Kuzbari, has come home to the Lebanese capital.

Settling at Mina Al Hosn area in Beirut Central District, Samovar – affiliated with the most prestigious Carpet shop in Kuwait - has organized with the help of Events Production a grand gallery opening on Thursday April the 19th. Socialites, carpet lovers, decorators and media figures enjoyed a warm artsy ambiance and a friendly gathering around a tea selection from the Samovar.

The event’s highlight was the presence of German artist Jürgen Dahlmanns showcasing his modern “Rug Star” collection; a line-up that captured the hearts and minds of all visitors. At the source of this artist’s talent lays a passion to create unique pieces that transform each room into a special living space. The Rug Star collection embodies a different personality in every piece, each handmade in a rural Nepalese village.

A “Carpet Show” transformed the “Rug Star” collection into artworks beautifully wrapping the bodies of display models. Visitors were delighted by the originality of this unique way of presentation of masterpieces, combining classic and contemporary art designs.

Randa Fansa Kuzbari’s furniture items dubbed “Atelier Renaissance” were as popular amongst guests. Randa managed to grab the audience’s attention by her unique talent to transform dull furniture items into art pieces by means of personalized painting and restoration services, “trompe l’oeil” techniques and many other artistic methods. Aligning illusion and reality, the guests were able to explore new interior design dimensions as they wandered around her collection.

Passionate about carpets and refined craftsmanship, yet confused about your style? Gallery Samovar will take you on an exceptional art journey to discover 1001 interior design styles and concepts.

About Samovar

In 1929, Saraj Hindi’s father founded his first carpet business in Beirut. He was one of the first few to specialise in the Persian Hand made rugs business in Lebanon. His high sense of professionalism and integrity appealed to the late King Abdel Aziz Bin Saoud who appointed him in 1953 as the exclusive supplier of carpets for Al-Haram Al-Makki in Makkah and Al-Masjid Al-Nabawi in al-Madīnah al-Munawwarah.

In 1974, the Hindi family moved their business to Kuwait where they established the “Persian Carpet Exhibition” Showroom in Salmiyah, currently the biggest and most reputable Carpet shop in Kuwait and the owner of the biggest hand made wool and silk carpet in the world (certified by the Guiness book of records) . Today, Saraj has opened with his Daughter Lynn a new branch under the name of "SAMOVAR"in Beirut Central District, allowing the younger generation to lead the brand with innovative ideas, mixing old traditional rugs with modern as well as new concept carpets.

Samovar Gallery opens in Beirut Central District: An authentic savoir faire with a modern twist

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