Stretching from the Ramlet al Bayda area to the Saint George marina, the Corniche is the most renowned seaside promenade in Beirut. Coated with palm trees, it offers a great view of the Mediterranean Sea, as well as some of the country's best assets, namely the infamous Pigeon Rock, and the summits of Mount Lebanon on the eastern side. To the north of Pigeon Rock, you can spot the old Ferris Wheel, still active to this day. Built during the time of the French Mandate of Syria and Lebanon, the Corniche has its origins in the Avenue des Francais, also known as the Ave de Paris, and was constructed along the Beirut waterfront. A testament to the history they have gone through and the hardships they have survived, the trunks of the trees along the Corniche carry bullet holes from the time of the Lebanese Civil War.

Apart from being a great exercising spot (locals from all age groups can often be seen walking, running, cycling, and skating alongside the Corniche), it is also a great pole fishing spot. Old fishermen are often seen along the rails, or down below on the rocks, their fishing poles in one hand, their baskets on the side, sometimes alone, but most times gathered in groups talking amongst themselves. Additionally, families, couples, and groups of youngsters dressed up in their best attire can most always be seen sauntering alongside the length of the Corniche, oftentimes stopping to have a coffee and narguileh break in one the many cafes.

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