A recycled art and design exhibition that brings together a group of artists, designers and environmentalists to address the eminent issue of waste by transforming discarded materials into a creative and colorful variety of objects, furniture, accessories, sculpture, and art works.


Ziad Abichaker (Environmental Engineer)
Maroon Asmar (Artist)
Maram Attalah (Architect)
Hady Beydoun (Artist)
Ginou Choueiri (Artist)
Rima Chahrour (Artist)
SUMI Furnitures (Painted Recycled Furnitures)
Jeanne Fouchet (Artist)
Fanfreluche (Recycled Objects Collective)
Sandra Issa (Artist)
Lara Khoury (Fashion Designer)
Junk Monkeys (Recycled Art Collective)
Marwan Nahle (Artist)
Pinkulture (Women's Wear)
(B)IM Project ( Performance Art Group)
Patricia Rahme (Object Designer)
Nicola Santini and Pier Paolo Taddei from Avatar Architettura (Architects)
Arlette Sauveur (Artist)
Waste (Recycled Objects Collective)

Trashy Treasures

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