Animals Pride and Freedom (APAF) is a non-profit group of Lebanese and international animal lovers who rescue lost or abandoned pets and offer them a second chance at life. APAF provides animals with the necessary medical and emotional care until they can be placed in a suitable and loving home.

The organization was founded in 2009 and got its official approval in 2010.

The group believes that the most sustainable way to spread awareness is by teaching the country’s younger generations to treat animals as they would human beings.

It also seeks to eradicate widespread social misconceptions in Lebanon - that categorize animals as dangerous, disease ridden and useless - through education and informed responsiveness in schools, universities and other social circles.

APAF functions solely on a volunteer basis. The group provides animal lovers with an online forum where they can express their concerns on the fate of animals and spread their messages of love, tolerance and non-cruelty.

Animals Pride and Freedom (APAF)

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