From local business to regional chain, Silkor has become a leading brand in laser medico-aesthetic and skin treatment services. Today, the company is celebrating the opening of its centers, located in Lebanon, more specifically in Tripoli and Chtaura with the launching of its new center soon, in Saida.

In line with its customer-driven strategy aiming at getting closer to clients wherever they are, Silkor has added strategic locations to its portfolio. The branches are state-of-the-art premises, offering Silkor’s wide range of services to local communities within an elegant yet highly professional ambiance.

Lara Tarakjian, Managing Director at Silkor, explains how the company expanded from a local start-up to an industry leader. She says: “We seized the opportunity of becoming pioneers by adopting the best innovations in laser hair removal; hiring a professional team of experts; and never compromising on quality services. We observed the highest standards across all our centers, whether in Lebanon or abroad, gaining in reputation and credibility”. In other words, we could perceive the long term plan being set in place while simultaneously working on new ones.

Speaking about the three new branches, the Executive Director underlines that: “Tripoli and Chtaura and Saida were not random locations. Local communities in those two specific areas are highly aware of the latest medico-aesthetic and skin treatment trends, the reason why they don’t have access to us because our centers were located in the heart of Beirut- so driving was an option. We had clients driving for 2 hours from as far as Akkar and Baalback. We believe that it is our obligation as skin professionals to offer them the same high quality services in their hometown as the one they would get in the capital Beirut”.

She adds: “Wherever we are, we try to get as close as possible to our customers, even in the most remote areas. This practice has had excellent results in the GCC market where customers praise our branches’ accessibility. Similarly, Tripoli and Chtaura residents were very excited to hear about our openings which they have been anticipating for a while”.

It is noteworthy that in 2007, Silkor became an official “franchisor” and member of the Lebanese Franchise Association, counting amongst other prideful Lebanese success stories in the business world.

Silkor reinforces its presence in Lebanon by adding new centers in Chtaura and Tripoli and Saida

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