It started out as a tame, rather harmless affair. If you wanted to go to a party or live performance in Beirut, you had two options: The most expensive tickets for the best spot in the house, or the wallet-friendly tickets for people like us (the humble masses) who like to attend events but still want to have food on the table come the end of the month.

Slowly but surely, things started to change. Two price categories were no longer sufficient. And with that came the ridiculous labels and outrageous options: Regular tickets, VIP tickets with two drinks, the “Luxury” package, which includes an open bar and your own personal butler, the “Elite” package, which includes backstage access, and the “Royal” package, which comes complete with a Hollywood mansion.

But now, we’ve really reached the apex of douchebaggery with the Prestige package. It includes two luxury drinks (WTF is a luxury drink?) Jacuzzi and pool access, a bed, a sushi dinner and – get this – a Cohiba cigar.

A Cohiba Cigar.

The douchiest VIP passes money can buy? This.

The douchiest VIP passes money can buy

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