In case you haven’t heard, the Moqdad family said on Wednesday that its “military wing” abducted more than 20 Free Syrian Army members and a Turkish national after relative Hassan al-Moqdad was kidnapped in Syria. The family said they'd release the kidnapped individuals in exchange for Hassan's release.

On Thursday, the Moqdad’s stepped up their vengeance game and said the unidentified Turkish national would be the first “victim” if Hassan is not released.

It didn't take long for someone (shamefully awesome) to capitalize on the outrageously tragic scenario and create a Twitter parody account @MoqDaddy.

Here’s a few of our favorite Tweets so far:

Pro-tip, peeps: when holding people hostage and threatening to kill them in an act of revoltingly violent retribution, don’t forget to put on your favorite designer Calvin Klein t-shirt.

Stay classy, masked gunmen.

The Moqdad Family Twitter Parody Account

(Photo via Sabyl Ghoussoub on


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