The Old Fashioned Way is an initiative to teach sewing as a way to make your own clothes and accessories. The Old Fashioned Way believes that in times of constant invasion of big clothing stores and the fashion industry into our lives, it's time to start dressing ourselves the way we like to be, not the way told to us by the fashion industry.

The Old Fashioned Way will teach you how to use a sewing machine, in order to make just about whatever you want from pretty bags to party dresses. We've forgotten that not so many years ago we used to make everything- not spend all our wages on it. The Old Fashioned Way aims to remind you of that.

Layla has been making her own bags and dresses for a while now, and would like to share this talent with anyone interested. Workshops will be held and there you will get the A B C of using the sewing machine and crafting your style.

The Old Fashioned Way

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