Between June 8 and July 1st, C&G Lebanon hosted an exclusive competition for the UEFA Euro Cup 2012, sponsored by Haier and Credit Bank.

At all Casper & Gambini’s branches, soccer fans enjoyed high quality live broadcast of the different matches, cheering for their favorite team with passion and joyful enthusiasm. At the same time, they relished the opportunity to win fabulous prizes by accurately guessing the results of the matches.

Numerous customers at each C&G branch were able to predict the exact scores of the matches. Who guessed and won, secured instant valuable prizes including an invitation for lunch or dinner for 2 people at Eatalian, 1 Tarator voucher for a pita’s tray for 4 people and 2 invitations to From The Tree for a large non-fat frozen yogurt with toppings. These extra-value meals were a fitting reward for football devotees who know how to assess athletic skills and enjoy all in good taste.

To top it all, all the fortunate guessers entered a draw to win an awesome cutting-edge 42’’ LED Haier TV. The draw took place on Friday July 27th, 2012 at 3.00 PM at Casper & Gambini’s ABC Mall, Achrafieh branch and one winner was drawn for each branch, including the delivery department. The lucky winners were Lama Tanjar at Beirut Souks, Randa Akez at Verdun, Carla Khater at ABC Mall, Achrafieh, Ramy Daccache at Zouk, and Samer Chewef from the delivery department.

Congrats to all the privileged winners! Casper & Gambini’s will continue to host special events on upcoming major festive occasions. Casper & Gambini’s remains a favored destination for people of fashion and passion.

Unforgettable prizes won by Euro Cup viewership at Casper & Gambini’s


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