Imagine this: Having someone on call at practically all hours of the day to do your grocery shopping, pay your bills, wash the car and run errands for you. The Beirut-based business, Maison L, is a lifestyle management service which offers these awesome perks and more.

“It started with my friends… and then former UN colleagues and executives who were visiting from out of town,” says owner Lynn Khoury Soubra, who launched Maison L last year. “It was sort of a hobby, I used to help them find an apartment, offer advice on where they should send their kids to school, make suggestions on where to go for lunch, where to go shopping, and get them set up with a carpenter or plumber.”

It’s a cool concept, but it doesn’t come cheap. To get started, you have to become a member of Maison L with an annual payment of $2,300, and then you can rack up additional fees depending on what you need.

If I had a personal assistant, I would instruct them to stock my cupboards with an endless supply of almond M&M’s and Cherry Coke on a daily basis. I would also make them procure for me rare vintage pieces like this 1963 sonic blue Fender Jazzmaster.

Now, go fetch me my monocle.

A Personal Assistant? Yes, Please


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