So who’s excited to see Dead Can Dance perform at the Roman Ampitheatre this Sunday?

The Australian duo has been around since 1984 and just released their latest album, “Anastasis” last month. With so many awesome songs to choose from, we got your favorite Beiruti musicians to pick their favorites:

Anthony Sahyoun: Lead Guitarist (Lazzy Lung)
Song: The Carnival Is Over – Into The Labyrinth (1993)
Why: “I love the mood change between the strings verse and Brendan Perry singing. It surprises me every time.”

Rana Khalil: Singer/Song writer (Aziza)
Song: Cantara – Toward the Within (1994)
Why: “The Melody is so nostalgic! It seriously makes want to cry or die! I’m not even sure! and the voice, oh the voice. It’s crazy! It’s like Indian but yet it gets this fusion of African beats & Gregorian chants. Ya waylii!! It’s beautiful!”

Juliana Yazbeck: Singer/Actor (Identity Agency Group – London)
Song: Sacrifice – Duality (1998) - Lisa Gerrard from DCD featuring Pieter Bourke
Why: “The vocalist part of me loves it because I think it is Lisa Gerrard's vocal masterpiece. She can sound like a man, a baby, a woman and a non-human instrument in one tune. And the personal part of me loves it because it is... well, I would say if someone listened to it and was unmoved I wouldn't exactly give them my number!”

Check out the badass stage being set for Sunday's show:

Top Favorite Dead Can Dance Songs

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