21-year-old twins Rina and Romy Chibany were crowned Miss Lebanon and First Runner-up in this Saturday's competition, beating out 14 other contestants.

Said Rina, "My goals are finding love everywhere, keeping it and spreading it. I also aim to find the love of my life, and discover the divinity within me. I want to learn something new every day."

Watched and tweeted internationally, the Miss Lebanon competition is no event to miss. Yet the outcome of twins winning begs the question: is there an ideal winner? And is the runner-up just the closest approximation to the ideal?

Whatever the answer, it seems originality has lost grounds in beauty pageants. Sure, they might have great personalities, but it in the end, the skinniest, prettiest and most bodacious bod usually wins. And their twin.

Twins Win Miss Lebanon..Originality Loses

(Photo via www.dailystar.com)


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