Achrafieh 2020 is an apolitical long-term (8 years) environmental driven initiative by MP Nadim Gemayel. It’s objective is to reinvent Achrafieh as a livable, breathable, welcoming and friendly neighborhood.

Achrafieh residents are dreaming of a neighborhood where adults, adolescents and children can easily and safely walk on wider and cleaner sidewalks, bike on dedicated bicycle alleys, hop on a tramway as a mean of commuting; where waste is managed optimally, where parking is well organized and structured and where traffic is highly regulated and law is enforced.

Achrafieh’s initiative is not to be seen as an isolationist one. Its ambition is be recognized as a pioneer action which will hopefully propagate to the entirety of Beirut and other Lebanese cities.

Achrafieh 2020

Addresses and Contacts

  • Tel.: +9611210452
    Mob.: +96176792580


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Past Events

Car-Free Day: Discover Gemmayzeh Festival (Cultural)
Discover Mar Mikhael - A... Gathering (Environmental Project)
Discover Rmeil Gathering (Environmental Project)
Discover Achrafieh Gathering (Environmental Project)


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