The 50's were infinitely classier than today, no doubt about it. Ladies went around in skirts and dresses, showed some ankle when they dared, and drank tea with a passion.

Men wore suits and sported testosterone-filled mustaches of glory, swinging their neck ties with all the swagger in the world. Even shoe shiners seemed classier - just take a look at this picture, tweeted by @OldBeirut of Beirut in 1950 with the shoe shiner himself donning an old school blazer and dress pants.

Jeez, even the cars looked nicer! Let's all take a leaf out of that decades old book and keep it classy this week. I'll see if I can dig a couple dresses out of my closet.

Shoe Shiners: Keeping it Classy Since 1950

(Photo via @OldBeirut)



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