The Lebanese Red Cross (LRC) gives importance to the Youth's efforts and activities because they constitute an important group of volunteers that help at providing care to the needy. The Youth are effective at putting into practice the humanitarian message following the fundamental Principles of the Red Cross and Red Crescent and the strategic guidance placed to strengthen understanding and tolerance among individuals and groups through the dissemination of values and humanitarian principles which are mainly aimed at the youth of Lebanon.

Relying on about 1400 volunteers (males and females), spreading over 34 centers and a club all over the Lebanese territory, participating in workshops and training programs, they enhance their capacities and abilities to better fulfill tasks assigned to them under the slogan "For humankind".

The Youth Volunteers carry out a lot of activities that are directed towards the majority of the population of all age groups across Lebanon, aiming to raise awareness among the youth to counter the wrong behaviors that destroy the society. The volunteers take advantage of many events like festivals and national and global days to organize many activities and celebrations like: visits to patients at home, hospitals or foster houses - conferences and workshops in schools and universities on environmental, health, and preventive issues and other relative activities especially those aimed at fund-raising to support Youth programs and LRC activities.

Lebanese Red Cross Youth Department

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    Spears Street Kantari Tel.: +9611372802
    Tel.: +9611372805


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