Have you done something charitable recently? Why not become a volunteer for the Migrant Worker's Task Force?

Currently advertising for a Volunteer Coordinator for language classes, the MWTF aims to give migrant workers the necessary skills and resources to fully function in their societies. One of their main aims is to provide free education, including cooking, language and computer classes. These are usually individuals who come from poor economic backgrounds who cannot afford to pay for education on their own. Volunteering is an admirable and necessary act that gives migrant workers the chance to learn.

The Volunteer Coordinator would be expected to take on several responsibilities concerning English and French classes and facilitate other volunteers. For a full list of responsibilities take a look at the MWTF website. Language classes are every Sunday at Alt City in Hamra.

Hurray up and apply by October 22. This might be your chance to make a difference.

Migrant Worker's Task Force Looking for Volunteer Coordinater

(Photo via mwtaskforce.wordpress.com)


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