Looking for one last outdoor chill spot before the weather kills us all? Well then we've got the perfect place for you. Here are five reasons you should check out La Terraza's Outdoor Bar and Grill before it closes in November.

1. The Steak.

Oh my god the steak. Meaty, juicy, tender and amazingly delicious, order it fatty, order it lean, either way you've got yourself a meal for the gods.
Beware, vegetarians.

2. The Great Outdoors.

Classy, chill and cigarette friendly (yet breezy enough so it isn't congested), the decor is chic and the seating, super comfortable. There's even a TV for your viewing pleasure.

3. Drinks Galore.

Cocktails, beer, shots, wine - you name it - La Terraza's got it. I ordered an awesome berry cocktail with marachino cherries and whipped creme and it was probably the best thing I had all evening. Even better than the steak (kinda impossible I know). Oh man, just thinking about it is mouth-watering.

4. The Atmosphere.

I completely enjoyed my night at La Terraza. It was a super chill rooftop/lounge that catered for all ages, and things really got going around 10 p.m. The music was smooth and upbeat and whether you preferred jeans or a dress, you feel classy either way.

5. The Empanadas.

A little slice of Argentinian heaven, wrapped in dough and smothered with authentic Latino goodness. Just the right amount of flake mixed with just the right amount of meat, I'm pretty sure you can't get this beautiful concoction anywhere else.

Top Five Reasons to Try La Terraza

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