Jennifer Chedid, wrongly reported to have passed away on Monday, is alive and doing well. receives

One of the many victims of Friday's bombing incident, Jennifer's injuries were sustained in her home as a result of the bomb that was less than 20 meters away. Shards of glass caused wounds all over her body, and Jennifer received 300 stitches, 90 of them in her face and 50 of them on her hands. The Daily Star reported that Jennifer opened her eyes after her last operation on Monday, and is healing well.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of the car bombing. Though many of them are doing well and healing, there is still much we can do to help. Unite for Achrafieh and come join this fundraising concert to help aid the victims and their families. We must all work together to rise from tragedy.

Young Girl Receives 300 Stitches After Bombing

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