For me it's Toblerone. For @faysalzok it's cigars. For you, it might be perfume. Because when shopping duty calls, you better make sure it's duty-free.

I honestly loathe airports - especially the Beirut Rafic Hariri International Airport - to the very fibers of my being. Lots of people feel that way about hospitals, but for me, just the departure entrance is enough to send unpleasant chills up my spine. Don't ask me why; I actually love traveling.

The only thing I actually do like about airports is the shopping. I like buying books at Virgin for long flights, or giant chocolate bars that you'd never buy anywhere else. I ransack tech stores for good buys, and scour the larger stores for gifts-to-be.

Because seriously, duty-free stuff is just that much more awesome.

Airport Goodies

(Photo via @faysalzok)


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