Love, love, love. There are no greater words to describe my appreciation of Mumford & Sons. In an age where music is declared music purely because of its booming base line, I find it beautifully refreshing to hear honest, soulful music with lyrics that truly mean something.

One of my all time favorite bands ever, if you still haven't heard of Mumford & Sons, you're missing out on life. British with a hint of country/indie feel, their trademark is their lead singer's (Marcus Mumford) man-voice of sandpaper seeping with testosterone, combined with a jovial banjo, a chorus of harmonies and lyrics positively infused with passion.

Their newest single, fresh off of their second album, Babel, was released on youtube only this week. Called "Lover of the Light," the video has already amassed thousands of views that will undoubtedly turn into millions within days. British actor Idris Elba delivers such a moving performance that you might tear up a little - I'll admit that I totally *sob* did. An absolutely touching six minutes of the story of a grieving blind man, "Lover of the Light" delivers on so many levels - perfect directing, breathtaking acting, lyrical mastery and musical bliss.

And when all's said and done and your ears have finished absorbing the beauty, I know you'll be a lover of the light too. We all are.



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