Patil Tavitian has somehow found the portal to heaven. Like Prometheus, she has stolen from the gods. Except instead of fire, Tavitian has taken the holiest of cupcakes, and brought down the heavenly creation to us mere mortals.

So I might be a exaggerating just a tad, but seriously, these might be the best cupcakes I have ever tasted. Ever. I absolutely adore peanut butter, so Tavitian's chocolate peanut butter cupcake was basically the most delicious thing I've had in weeks.

Inspired by her mother who she fondly calls "an incredible cook and baker," Tavitian has been passionate about baking ever since she was a teenager. Off her menu of awesome, Tavitian recommends cheesecakes and choco rolls. And available exclusively throughout the Christmas season, Home Baked Delights will be offering a special Buche de Noel created by Tavitian's mother - which, If the cupcakes are any indication of their deliciousness, are sure to be a showstopper.

Tavitian's mind-blowing sweets are straight from her home-based bakery, aptly dubbed Home Baked Delights. With every kind of baked good - ranging from red velvet cupcakes (which by the way are to die for) to a mouthwatering Mars-bar cheesecake, Home Baked Delights is truly a delight for the soul.

Cupcakes From Heaven

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