I can't believe I just discovered Karen Chekerdjian. With her very own "Karen Chekerdjian Store" in the Beirut Port neighborhood, Chekerdjian can hardly be defined as an up and coming artist, but rather a brand name in refined artistic accesorcies.

Designing basically everything (Seating, Tables, Lighting, Storage & Pantries, Containers, Office accessories, Dinnerware, Glassware, Serveware, Vases, Placemats & Napkins, Home accessories, Kitchen textiles, Bathroom textiles, Travel textiles, Jewelry, and Crafts & Toys) Chekerdjian's numerous creations can be found on her
website or twitter handle, @KChekerdjian_S.

Check out my top 5 pics of her designs, redefining chic as a term that can be applied to anything. Simply classy.

1. Gold Plated Metal Stone - necklace or bracelet

2. Ceramic Plates - with fork and knife indentation

3. Single Candle Holder

4. Gold Plated Sacred Beads - necklace or bracelet

5. Centerpiece, Bread or Fruit Baskets - engraved with "waw"

Top 5 Karen Chekerdjian Designs

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