Bala Wasta is an initiative founded in regard to every Lebanese citizen who tries to segregate all forms of connections from the hiring process in the Lebanese job market.

They're a group of young Lebanese who strive to find a way to achieve their dreams, representing a cause as a social act. The only prerequisite for others to join is to believe in their cause and to comply with their concept of not accepting any job based on a political preference or a religious background.

Their Mission is to:
- Raise public awareness regarding the right of every individual to have a job based on their qualifications, skills and merits. Every applicant should have an equal opportunity to experience and succeed in a certain work place away from any form of favoritism and discrimination both political and religious.
- Raise the political players’ awareness regarding the importance of amending their political agendas and stop facilitating jobs to their supporters with no regards to their actual skills and knowledge.
- Transform the actual “brain drain” into a “brain gain”

Bala Wasta

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Bala Wasta: No Connections, All ... We the People on Nov 27, 2012


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