Big news guys! Gino's Blog is off the hook.

Right, so context first: A couple months ago, TV personality Joe Maalouf ran a program that led to the arrest and subsequent humiliation of 36 gay men. Terrible, but totes legal.

So here's the kicker. After this story was published, bloggers everywhere stepped forward and dubbed Maalouf a hypocrite, claiming he was a closeted homosexual himself. The infamous Gino's Blog published a particularly strong worded piece, which led to Maalouf threatening to sue Gino. Cue epic theme music, right?

Anyways, Gino has just attested that all charges have been dropped (hurrah!). So in the battle of free speech vs. angry celebrity, it seems first world values have rubbed off on Lebs. Free speech wins. Celebrity loses. Bravo, Gino.

Joe Maalouf Backs Out of Lawsuit

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