Nearly 25,000 people put their faces on the #Nov22 flag for Independence Day, and it was glorious.

If you missed the big reveal in downtown Beirut on Thursday (shame on you!), we’re giving you access to download a digital version of the flag so you can search for your face and revel in your own beauty and sheer awesomeness.

It's the simple things in life, amiright?

Just click on one of the links below to begin your search:

Web Resolution: (2500px x 1731px 6.23MB)

Full Resolution: (13520px x 9360px 18.6MB)

Happy face hunting!

How to Find Your Face on the #Nov22 Flag

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I cant see my pic

Amani HamdanRizk on Nov 30, 2012 via mobile web
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I've been looking for days! It's so hard to find my image!

Adam on Nov 27, 2012 via web