Two Lebanese artists, along with 19 others, have recently been shortlisted for a prestigious international prize reserved solely for established artists under the age of 25. The winner receive 100,000$, 60,000$ of which is in cash and 40,000$ which must be invested in new productions.

Born in Ashqout, Lebanon, Architect Rayyane Tabet's received his MFA from the University of California, San Diego. His artistic submission was based on five prominent childhood memories re-created as experiences.

U.S born Marwa Arsanios received her MFA in London and is currently living and working in Beirut. Arsanios's art focus trends towards a politico-social discovery of a historical Arab world, reinterpreting buildings, events and publications in an artistic fuse.

Watch both of their videos and see what our Lebanese artists have to give. Here's hoping one of them (or Egyptian Basim Magdy - hurray, Arabs!) wins the competition and makes our nation proud.



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