So you feel like being a badass, but watching old Chuck Norris movies is just not cutting it. Seen one too many renditions of the James Dean hotshot, and feel like getting in on some awesome? You're in luck. We've compiled the top five coolest ways to be badass in Beirut, and all of them are guaranteed to make your moxie rival that of the master.

1. Go to a Shooting Range.

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Badasses, rejoice! The Lebanese Army Shooting club in Dekweneh has opened a shooting range for civilians to come and practice their aim. The catch: you have to be a member, or get a friend in the army to invite you - or join you - if you want to shoot. Call them at 01/691317 daily from 1pm to 10pm to schedule an appointment. Step 2: A “how to burn your tires” tutorial.

2. Practice Extreme Sports.
a) Paragliding
b) Snowmobiling
c) Rock Climbing

Living in a country with just about every sort of terrain has its perks. Drive up to the mountains for some snowmobiling, then be a badass and jump off a cliff, glide over the beach, and soak up the sun. Better yet, sign up for a rock climbing class. Badass bonus points go to those who do it… without a rope.

3. Go to the Ultimate Metal-Head Fest.

Metal heads, this is for you. On December 15, you and other hard rockers can unite in Beirut’s ultimate metal fest. “Metal 101” brings together 20 heavy metal bands at Inter Neon in Jdeideh. Get your head-bopping hats on, folks, and brace yourselves for awesome.

4. Ride Bareback on a Mountain Top.

Are you a horse master? Do you want to be? Of course you do. Head over to the River Ranch Riding school, master their learning stage, and you’ll be able to join them on rides across rivers and forests. Feel badass jumping over streams, and maybe try snagging a fish out of the water while doing it - black bear style.

5. Take a Taekwando Class.

It goes without saying that Chuck Norris is the most badass there is. But there are always those few hotshots that think they can take him on. Care to try your hand at it? Take some Taekwando classes at the Black Eagle Taekwando Club, and see if you can master the master.

Taekwando and Four More Ways to Be Badass in Beirut

This post was brought to you by our featured partners at Black Eagle Taekwando Club, the biggest badasses we know.


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