ADYAR, simply means ''Monasteries'' in arabic.

Unlike others, Adyar is not simply a Lebanese Wine, Adyar is a great ‘’Vin de terroir’’. Its vineyards and wineries are located in different regions of the Lebanese territory: Batroun, Jbeil, Metn and Chouf. In each region the grapes reach optimum physiological maturity and naturally produce consistent wines. The ‘’terroir’’ itself imprints the wine with its mark and typicity.

Each bottle of wine, after it has been produced, will carry the authentic Lebanese Maronite Order Cross logo. The label identifies the monastery name and sketch as well as where the grapes are cultivated and grown.

Eight monasteries give their names to ADYAR wine bottles: Monastère de Mar Moussa, Monastère de Kifane, Monastère de Aannaya, Monastère de Quobbay etc..


Addresses and Contacts

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    Monestary Saint Antoine Ghazir Tel.: +9619926950
    Mob.: +9613586244



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