Showing off their extreme BMX skills, LAU students decide to try and almost kill each other this week in a display of the utmost bro-ness.

Judging from this picture tweeted by @Mhissi, Bro #1 thought it would be awesome to show off his skillz in public, charming the girlies with his suave trick bike stunt. Bro #2, not one to miss out on all the glory, decided it would be even better if he risked his life, with Bro #3 tagging along for the hell of it.

As an ex-LAU student (for a semester waaaay back in the day) I can almost assuredly attest that the above are facts, not claims. 19-year-olds looking to impress the world with their debauchery and swagger are everywhere, and believe you me, LAU is no exception.

If It Looks Stupid But You Didn't Die, It's Still Stupid

(Photo via @Mhissi)


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