Graphic Designer Dima Tannir definitely has an eye for artistic flair. Posting these vintage 1963 pictures of two beautiful women on her facebook, Tannir unknowingly provided us with a different kind of eye candy this week.

Featuring women on what appears to be the cover of a poster or book of the popular Arabic classic, Sheherazade, the pictures are grainy and faded at best, yet exude a timeless class that is rarely found today. The women are covered head to toe, and yet are confident in their modesty. They wear natural make up and strike elegant poses, epitomizing the ideal women in the '60's without even trying.

And to think that today's ideal women is classified by her breast size and hair extensions. Sigh.

شهرزاد عدد نوفمبر ١٩٦٣

شهرزاد عدد أكتوبر

Vintage Beauties

(Photo via Dima Tannir)


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