I love music. My iPod is filled with thousands of songs, most of which I know by heart. Without music, the world would be a much less exciting place. That being said, I know absolutely nothing about music.

Instruments baffle me. After quitting the cello in my preteen years, I never bothered to pick up another instrument. A decision which I regret dearly.

So to discover the top five best instruments, I had to consult an expert. Garo Gdanian, operations manager at the Instruments Garage, Lebanon’s go-to music store, and tenured guitarist of the band, The Weeping Willow, graciously offered Beirut.com his take on the top five instruments available at Instruments Garage.

1. Gibson Gothic Morte

To my eyes, this guitar is just badass. Which is what I said to Garo, who I’m sure rolled his eyes at my sad lack of musical knowledge. Its simple and sleek black design gives it a no-nonsense feel I’m sure hard core rockers would be glad to wield. At $2000, Garo thinks that the hefty price tag is worth the Gibson 6-string beauty, if not just for its atheistic properties.

2. DW Drums Performance Series

These US-made drums are only for pros. With a new Quarter Turret lug, low mass die-cast claw hook, new badge, logo head and just visually appealing in general, it’s designed to get noticed. And, most importantly, sounds just awesome.

3. Ampeg Portaflex Bass Combo

With what Garo describes as “freaking awesome portability,” the bass amp portaflex is the must-have for any legit band. Not only does it boast an insane 100 watt RMS all-tube output section, but also a super-efficient 15" speaker, adjustable tweeter, and a 5-position mid-frequency selector. Even cooler, it folds in on itself to make for a portable handle, making it super easy to lug around on your next gig.

4. Schecter Diamond Series

This 7-string badass beauty deserves to be handled only by professionals. Its mahogany exterior, rosewood fingerboard, and black chrome hardware reek of elegance. According to Garo, most modern rock bands use the Schecter Omen Extreme, and for only $650, you can now feel like a pro, too.

5. Electro-Harmonix Guitar Pedals

In the mood to sound like a Cathedral? Feel like adding some awesome sound effects to your beat? These Electro-Harmonix pedals come in all different sounds so you too can mess with sounds from chorus to big muff.

Top Five: The Best Gear You Can Buy at Instruments Garage

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