I think it's safe to say that most of us who've spent a considerable length of time in the Middle East are more or less desensitized to war. Day after day, we hear reports of bombings and gunfire in Tripoli or people burning tires in Dahieh and, day after day, we dismiss them for more trivial concerns. Our jobs, our Christmas shopping, our schooling--all have greater priority than some hooligans mucking about with firearms.

After all, that happens all the time, right?

But in the midst of all the bombs, chaos, and our everyday lives, we forget how lovely the countries we live in actually are. For over a year now, Syria has been buried in a fray that has overtaken the people. The world no longer appreciates the history of its bazaars, the beauty of its landmarks, or the culture of its people. CNN, FOX News, BBC, and other media outlets only show us the guns, bombs, and death counts.

But sometimes, a spark of light shines through all that nonsense, and we can see the country for the beauty it once had. Jeremy Bowen, the BBC Middle East editor, tweeted these two photos of the Damascus morning.

Despite the "distant shelling," as Bowen commented on his photo, Syria is a rather beautiful place. Don't you think?

(Photo via @BowenBBC)

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