After yesterday's heartbreaking news of the death of Ali of Bliss Street, hundreds of concerned facebookers banded together to form an initiative to help the homeless in Lebanon. Statuses have been posted, blogs written, and tweets announced—all in memory of Ali Abdullah—and all in hopes that he did not die in vain.

So many people are asking about others like Ali—"What about the homeless woman on Bliss St.? What will happen to her?"—who haven't the means to afford basic necessities. And so, the humanitarians of Lebanon have taken action, creating campaigns to spread awareness and assist the needy in anyway possible.

Fighting Homelessness in Beirut, a facebook group formed by Michel Khoury, was created only today—and already has over 700 members dedicated in helping those in need.

The Ali Abdallah Foundation is another facebook group / non-profit organitaztion that aims to help the homeless in memory of Ali. Contact them at and find out how you can help.

Contribute to a Warm Lebanon, a fundraiser at Nasawiya Café in Mar Mikhael, pledges to donate clothes, food, sleeping bags and anything else that might warm up people who can't afford basic neccesities.

Food Blessed, an initiative that specifically aims to feed the hungry, revolves around a humanitarian cause that including helping the homeless.

So if you want to help out and don't know how, check out the links above and give money, food, clothes—even time. It's really the least we can do.

After Ali, Activists Rally for Homeless

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