We've all experienced bribery from time to time, especially considering the fact we live in a third world country.

From expediting items, discrepancies in papers, and just the sheer necessity of up front bribes, we can all acknowledge that this has become a serious problem in Lebanon. Helping to provide a solution is rashwe.com, a website aiming to identify and tackle bribe recipients one claim at a time.

Rashwe.com allows users to submit claims of bribery, including names, locations, types of transaction and the reason for bribes. The site then compiles the data into an easy to read format, allowing the public to see guilty parties.

The website is still brand new, so you'll need to fill in data to see data. So take initiative, be awesome, and report any instances of bribery you might come across. Help people help other people.

For more information check out their facebook page here.

Expose Bribery in Lebanon With Rashwe.com

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