Dear Ivy,

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and normally I don't care too much about celebrating these types of holidays, but I’m really into my girlfriend – we started dating in March of last year so this will be our first V Day together. I'm working on my own ideas but was just curious to see if you have any good ideas for me?

Take her on a getaway. And I have just the place for you. There’s a charming little hotel in the Cedars that goes by the name of L'Auberge Des Cedres. It’s makes for a splendid little retreat away from the city especially at this time of the year when everything is covered in snow. The hotel has this cozy romantic feel to it and you can even book your own private little chalet. You can spend V-Day cuddled up by the fireplace sipping on some wine and your nights in bed ordering room service and well…you take it from there. Don’t forget to get staff to prearrange that cheesy little flower arrangement in the room before you arrive with a champagne bottle to get things started.

Dear Ivy,

I have been with my boyfriend for three months and yesterday decided to tell him I love him. Only problem: He didn’t say it back! He says he doesn't feel the same way yet but knows he wants to be with me and only me. Should I be patient and wait, or cut my losses now?

I have to say, three months is a little early for love declarations, unless you’re 16 and on vacation. If that was the case, I assume your declaration would have been reciprocated and it wasn’t. It means you haven’t picked up on the signals. That tends to happen when one person is more into the relationship than the other. The good news is he was honest. It could have been so easy for him to mislead you and eventually breakup with you a couple months down the line. At least now you know.

I wouldn’t do anything drastic or pull any melodramatic moves if I were you. Sit back and enjoy the relationship. He says he wants to be with you and only you. Take his word for it. Give his emotions some more time to develop naturally and most importantly no more love assertions for the time being. The next move should come from him, and if it doesn’t than it’s time to move on.

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