Unighaz....u...ni..ghaz...u nighaz...u nigaz.

Admit it, you got there too.

Now there's nothing funnier than unintentional racism, but I gotta admit—there's something even more hilarious about it when you write it out in Arabic. It's like writing "kiss ummak" on your car. Kinda weird in English; totes guffaw-worthy in Arabic.

Imagine a fez-capped, brush-mustached kindly old man with an 3oud (for effect of course) reading out the letters. Now chuckle wholeheartedly.

So whether this car's owner really meant "Unighaz" or "U niggas"...it doesn't really matter. It's the humor that counts.

Unintentional Racism At It's Finest

(Photo via Chafic Al Kowatly)



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