A remix of "Marra Fi Ghnina", a tune by the popular and now defunct indie electro-pop band Soapkills, is now available for sale on iTunes, pledging to donate all proceeds to SAWA 4 SYRIA, a humanitarian relief initiative dedicated to aiding Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

The song is a chillax indie tribute to both the Arabic and Electro scene, and can easily be described in one word: smooth. Plug in your earphones and let the song take you on a trippy journey through a decrepit Arab-themed carnival, with the ghostly croons of Yasmine Hamdan and the whimsical rhythms of Zeid Hamdan soothing your brilliantly confused mind.

Listen to the track here and donate the 0.99 cents to a much needed relief. All it takes is a minute of your time. And take it from me, "Marra Fi Ghnina" is so worth the download.

I've got it on repeat.

Soapkills Remix Up for Sale on iTunes

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