No advice could be better than this graffiti, photographed by Jad Barakat on Hamra Street.

"Keep Calm and Fake a Bri2ish Accent".

It's true, British people (I'm talking posh Brits here) appear more intellectual and wiser purely from their nasally drawl. They could be saying alu-min-i-um a million times over and you'd think they were the most brilliant scientist in the world. So faking a "Bri2ish" (notice the conveniently placed hamza) will easily give you the appearance of a calm, well-to-do gentle(wo)man.

And if you really want to sell it, I suggest a well placed top hat, pocket watch, poster of the Queen, and a copy of Oliver Twist. Cuz ain't nothin says Bri2ish like Charles Dickens. Wait! *British accent* There isn't anything so marginally reminiscent of the British culture as the enlightening words of author, Charles Dickens.


When In Doubt, Hail The Queen


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