Providing you with local, traditional and fresh products from all over Lebanon, Tawlet is bringing you Lebanese goodness at convenient Spinney's locations near you.

Join them at Spinneys Achrafieh on Tuesdays, Spinneys Dbayeh on Thursdays and Spinneys Hazmieh on Saturdays to get in on Tawlet's array of delicacies.

So instead of spending your Saturday afternon trekking to the farway north for some home grown produce, pop in a car and head to Spinneys. Gotta love convenience.

Souk El Tayeb Wins Awesome Points at Spinneys

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Tawlet is Shipping 20 Lebanese... Stuff We Love on Aug 20, 2013

Past Events

Souk El Tayeb at Spinneys... Market & Sale (Food)
Souk El Tayeb at Spinneys Dbayeh Market & Sale (Food)
Souk El Tayeb at Spinneys... Market & Sale (Food)


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