I've come to realize that I will never ever be rich enough to stay in a Grand Royal Suite. And I'm kind of okay with that.

That being said, I want to give props to Sara Hamdar, who shared a glimpse into how the other half (or 1%) really lives. Judging by her caption "Shooting at the Grand Royal suit in Phoenicia Hotel's ... Insaneeee!!!!" and her instagram feed, I can only assume Sara is a model—and a gorgeous one at that.

Still, I have to admit a model's beauty pales in comparison to the gloriousness of a suite made for kings—I mean who wouldn't be impressed by a gym, four-poster bed, two lounges, a marble bathroom, AND a fireplace?

Sigh. It's times like these when I like to remind myself to feel grateful to have any bed at all.

This Is What Phoenicia Hotel's Grand Royal Suite Looks Like

(Photo via @sara_hamdar1)



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