RYMCO, a major vehicle retail dealership in Lebanon, has just upped it's game with a series of "arrests" made on Uruguay Street.

Now, before you jump to conclusions, the "arrests" aren't actual arrests; the RYMCO team merely targeted drunk drivers in an effort to spread conscientiousness and promote sober driving in the future.

RYMCO's ultimately hopes to “halve the number of fatal and serious injuries from car accidents caused by drunk driving”, as told by Chairman and CEO, Fayez Rasamny.

On March 6, the RYMCO team (pictured below) carried out the first of their "arrests" in style, using yellow tape, taking mug shots and even offering drunk drivers a hangover kit and a free ride home.

Though their team was dressed a little unorthodox—unless all policewomen wear 6-inch heels and look like models— RYMCO's main message of preventing drunk driving is genuinely fantastic, and very much needed.

Without proper legal enforcement to tackle this wide spread and often fatal behavior, it's nice to see a vehicle dealership take on the reins. Why not save them the trouble and do the smart thing instead? Don't drive drunk—period.

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