Lebanon is a materialistic country.

We live among people who's greatest ambition in life is to own Louis Vuitton heels, Iphone 5s, and Ferraris--people who will go so far as to take out loans to appear wealthy.

Yet those of use comfortable enough to own luxuries are lax in our social responsibility; shouldn't the best of us actively help out the worst? How else should we better society then to help those in need?

Homelessness is rampant and commonplace; Ali Abdallah's story is an every day affair. And yet when hundreds cried out empathy after his death, it seems we're no better off then we were months ago. Pictures and videos of the destitute are there--we're aware of the situation. We just haven't done anything about it.

In a series of photos by completure.com two men search through trash cans, salvaging what garbage might be reusable.

A touching video by RightsCast follows the story of a homeless man named Roger in Mar Mikhael, transmitting empathy though moving music and emotional conversations.

We see these people every single day of our lives. Children, handicapped people, refugees, mothers, grandmothers, old wrinkly men and people who've lost everything.

If you can afford a Prada bag, you can afford to buy a child a sandwich. If you can take out a loan for an unnecessary car, you can donate money to an orphanage. If you're reading this from your own personal computer--then congratulations, you're financially better off than a huge population of the world.

Be grateful for everything. Help those that need help. We're only as strong as our weakest link.


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