The results are in! The band that will be opening for Guns N' Roses at their March 30 concert in Forum is..... *cue drumroll*.....

Near Surface! But wait! There's more! (Said the infomercial). announced on their facebook page that--due to the overwhelming support of two bands--The Wanton Bishops will also be opening for Guns N' Roses! And you can get it all for just three payments of $13.99!!!!! (Just kidding, I've got no idea how much the concert tickets are).

Okay, so infomercial times aside, the poll results--announced yesterday--named Near Surface as the clear cut winner, with 1788 votes. The Wanton Bishops came in second with 1379 votes, The FreeRolls in third with 823, and Mashrou Leila, Lazzy Lung and Pindoll followed with 103, 52 and 25 votes respectively.

And thus, the crowd has spoken. So I guess Near Surface + Wanton Bishops + Guns N' Roses = Near Bishop Roses. Or Wanton N' Surface. Or Guns Near Bishops. Yeah, that one.

Guns Near Bishops.

Near Surface and The Wanton Bishops Set to Open for Guns N' Roses

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