The Greenocratic Organization is a NPO/NGO, established in Lebanon in 2011. They aim to create, innovate and diversify the way existing NGOs work in Lebanon.

Greenocratic Organization is not just another environmental NGO. They are an identity; a dream where Lebanon will be green again in all aspects. Their main target is to keep Lebanon's waters clean as well as their streets, forests and even households. Their vision is global and not only local. They will be introducing state of the art inventions to help us transform into a green and clean environment.

The Greenocratic Organization will be working on the minds and souls of the inhabitants of this planet. It will raise new generations with a brighter and greener vision for the future. They won't be handling the problem from its tip end; rather, they will be eliminating the reasons for those environmental problems until they no longer exist. Our planet is threatened by extinction. Lots of species are no longer among us because of several reasons such as pollution, global warming and bad human treatment.

Greenocratic Organization

Addresses and Contacts

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    Kleyaat Main Road, Kassab Bldg, Third Floor Kleiat Mob.: +9613282241
    Mob.: +96176599711


Past Events

National Cleanup Day Gathering (Environmental Project)


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