A Lebanese photographer, painter, sculptor and mother, Ginane Makki Bacho is a renowned Beirut-based artist who's artwork has been featured all over the world. Culminating a roller-coaster career interrupted by intercontinental moves and raising her four sons, Makki Bacho's latest--yet certainly not last--collection is currently headlined at Ayyam Gallery.

Titled "Afterimage", the collection is a series of 12 paintings that reflect Makki Bacho's life memoirs, and are thus much more personal than her previous works. Combining her passion for photography and for painting, Makki Bacho's memoirs extend far past her commissioned set of 15; she went on to make a total of 24 paintings and remarks that she "may continue" creating them in the future.

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The Politics of Space in Lebanon... Hey, Scenesters! on Apr 28, 2014

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Afterimage Exhibition at Ayyam... Exhibition (Painting & Drawing, Photography)


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