Despite being a poor excuse for a porno that features horrendously monotonous actresses, Spring Breakers has been hailed as a success, receiving several surprisingly good reviews and a solid 6.5/10 on IMDB.

So now that I've got you excited to watch the party-filled, acid-trip, boob fest of a film, let me burst your bubble. It's not showing in Lebanon. Yaaaay.

Reported on the STOP Cultural Terrorism in Lebanon facebook page, Spring Breakers won't be screening in Empire or Grand Cinemas, with the latter tweeting: “Unfortunately we will not be showing Spring Breakers due to circumstances that are out of our control”.

Which just begs a mass torrent of illegal downloads. Nice one, Lebanon.

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This post previously stated that the film, Spring Breakers, was banned in Lebanon. According to the SKeyes Center for Media and Cultural Freedom, "There has not been yet any official request by the Cinema circuit submitted to the General Security’s bureau to receive an approval for screening the movie. Hence, there was no decision whatsoever, neither positive nor negative, regarding Spring Breakers."

According to Empire Cinema, they only "distribute 20th Century Fox, Dreamworks Animation and Sony," movies and "don’t know anything about it" or have a release date for the film.

Spring Breakers Not Showing In Lebanese Cinemas

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