Available at Bershka Lebanon for 49,000 L.L, this "Bershka skull T-shirt" has caused waves of controversy for its apparent likeness to the Virgin Mary.

Calling it religious disrespect and, as quoted by State of Mind, "demonizing religious holy figures for the sake of having fun", Bershka's T-shirt has offended the religious and non-religious alike, albeit unnecessarily.

As pointed out by blogbaladi this is most likely not a distorted image of the Virgin Mary. It's very similar to a photo of the Mexican Saint of Death, Santa Muerte. In fact, Santa Muerte is the patron saint of the LGBTQs, love, prostitutes, the destitute, taxi drivers, bar owners and even Mariachi players.

So really, she's all about tolerance and love--kind of like the Virgin Mary.

Anyways, this isn't the first time we've seen anger over religious images. In 2011, The Daily Star reported that a Shiaa store owner was forced to close his store because he was selling Halloween-like flip-flops with crosses on them, which ignited a massive online debate.

In a western society, stuff like this would be considered normal. Which begs the question, are we too sensitive when it comes to religion? Or are they just used to it?

Lady of Skulls T Shirt Offends... Albeit Unneccesarily

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