Perpetuating the high school stereotype of crushing on the "hot guy from class", new facebook group AUB Crushes has taken the internet by storm, amassing over a thousand likes in the span of 24 hours.

A page dedicated to the ancient art of hidden romance, AUB Crushes basically features a whole bunch of lovesick, lusty, barely-20 somethings that compose less-than-well written notes to their one true loves. Be it girls with hot bods, attractive swimmers, beautiful smiles, or cats, it seems that AUB students are at no loss for affection.

I don't know if this is sad, hilarious, or hilariously sad. I'll admit I liked the page; some of the posts are pure genius. But I guess what this really says about AUB (and LAU--there's an LAU Crushes page as well) students is that we're all just a bunch of high schoolers who are still afraid of emotional confrontation.

Regardless, it's still hella fun to read.

"Peter Dorman ♥"

"Emmanuel Maaloof. Woof. 'nuff said. Get. Fresh. With. Me."

"This girl is so beautiful, I would drag my penis through miles of broken glass just to hear her fart through a Walkie Talkie. She studies a lot so I think she's in bio."

"I met this one..OMG she blew my head off totally...My jaw hit the ground hard when I first saw her, she has the most amazing curves in all of AUB, bit7ot banet AUB bi jaybita!....and her ferociousness for tawouk is unparalleled!!!....her tail is so soft and furry....the most gorgeous cat I've seen in my life....... :| .........shu binaaaa?"

AUB Crushes: Where Creepy Stalkers Become Hilarious

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