As if the hype surrounding AUB Crushes, LAU Crushes, BAU Crushes and whatever-the-hell else crushes wasn't enough to sustain the Facebook users of Lebanon, the fad has recently given birth to a brand new trend: LAU Hotties.

As mentioned by Ivy Says, the page is a throwback to Facebook's original purpose--Facemash--which allowed people to rate classmates on the basis of their looks.

Forget for a minute, the sheer shallowness of the page; forget its demeaning purpose. Think instead, how it reflects the Lebanese culture, in that someone thinks it's actually alright to use people's pictures without their permission in order to secure likes. And they've gotten nearly a thousand supporters for it.

What is her value? Is her body nice enough? Are his eyes colored? Should I like it? Or is that other chick more worth my like?

We've reduced ourselves to calculating self-worth on the basis of goddamn likes. We've become full-fledged narccissts that feed off of pages like LAU Hotties and AUB Crushes, where people waste hours searching for their own face and name.

"How many likes for this hottie?" asks the page owner, hoping to get worthless internet points to win an imaginary popularity contest.

I weep for this generation.

LAU Hotties: Because Judging Covers Is Acceptable Online

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