We've all been there, and those who dont't admit it are straight up liars.

Facebook stalking has become so routine, that it's now a staple of meeting new people. Met a new attractive guy? Check out his relationship status. Found a potential best friend? Check out mutual likes and interests. Heard about a company hiring? Discover facebook stats.

Not one to miss out on new trends, graffiti artists have taken to to the walls of Beirut to discuss/lament/joke about our recent dependance on social networking. This particular post has a hilarious intention; not only does it make fun of stalking to begin with, but it also plays on the infamous '69' innuendo as a phone number.

Roughly translated, it reads: "For all your Facebook stalking needs, please call Rami on 6969—he knows who you're sleeping with."

Rather genius, don't you think?

Need to Facebook Stalk Someone? Call Rami

(Photo via @helenserhan)


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